As Central Bank Gold Buying Accelerates: Gold Is Arguably The Cheapest Asset Relative To History

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Luke Gromen interviewed on Palisade Radio

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Luke discusses his background as a research analyst which led him into data aggregation research at an institutional firm. He argues that everything is in a bubble and Gold is arguably the cheapest asset relative to history. Investors should watch the value of gold by comparing the market value of the United States official gold holdings to the amount of foreign-held treasury bonds outstanding. Investors need to realize that there is a considerable paper gold market and its purpose is to dilute the demand for physical. The very existence of a “cash-settled” gold market is the manipulation.

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Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Luke’s industry research experience.
2:15 – Started his own research firm and newsletter.
3:00 – Study a lot of data to locate contrary trends.
4:30 – His thoughts on gold this year.
5:40 – Sovereign debt bubble risks.
7:30 – The paper gold market purpose.
10:00 – Investors fail to notice cyclical markets.
12:40 – Political risks – China and the U.S.
14:30 – Investors are not calculating the risks.

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