As France’s Globalist President Tries to Form a Government the Scandals Begin – This is What You Get for Voting AGAINST Someone

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by Mark Angelides

Emmanuel Macron has received almost nothing but praise since his election win; the MSM drools over his Globalist stance and anti-Trump antics. But English language news sites are choosing not to expose the very real scandals that are engulfing him and his party and refusing to cover the fact that he may not even be able to form a proper government.
On the 11th and 18th of June, the French people go to the polls once again to elect local representatives in the Parliamentary elections, and Macron, according to recent polls was set to pick up around 350 of the 577 seats available, but then scandal has begun to rock La République en marche (“The Republic on the move”, Macron’s party). His closest political ally and Secretary General of the party, Richard Ferrand, has been accused of nepotism (along the lines of Francios Fillon in the run-up to the Presidential election which finally dashed his hopes) and also in Le Monde of using his political office for personal gain.
In many Western countries this would hardly reflect too badly on Macron personally, but this is not an ordinary time, Macron was elected because of who he was not rather than what he stood for. His 65/35 victory was more of a vote against Marine Le Pen than support for him and his party, and as such, he does not have the public’s blind love and devotion.
An Odoxa poll has predicted that Macron’s party will get about 29% of the Parliamentary vote which will likely not be anywhere near enough to move forward with his Centrist (aka Globalist) policies, especially when Marine Le Pen’s Front National is polling a high second with around 17%. It is likely that Macron will end up in a coalition of barely friendly groups that have their own agenda, many of which are not palatable to the EU fanboy.
An Opinionway poll, taken after news of the scandals and the launch of the Preliminary Investigation, shows just how unhappy voters are that the guy they gave the chance to has turned out to be exactly what they feared he might be. Almost 45% of voters indicated that they might abstain from the election altogether; this could signify a massive boost for Front National.
As more and more Globalist puppet men (and women) are being put up as “sure thing” candidates, voter apathy is likely to get even worse. And when they turn out to be mired in corruption, the very process no matter how tainted already, will just get worse. But strangely, the solution is really quite simple…People just need to vote for the candidate they want, not tactically vote AGAINST someone, but for SOMETHING.

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1 thought on “As France’s Globalist President Tries to Form a Government the Scandals Begin – This is What You Get for Voting AGAINST Someone

  1. Sadly it’s not just the English-speaking media that are ignoring Macron’s scandals. They’re also being ignored in German speaking media (can’t say anything bad about an EU lover, can they?) and played down by French speaking media (which cover it a little because they have to).
    Macron combined with the Socialists and the Conservatives (both of which are loyal to the EU) will have a big enough majority.

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