As we have been trying to tell you the real target for neoliberal corporate censorship was always the left. Now that they have conditioned public to accept it as a result of Russiagate, the left is in their crosshairs.

The Russiagate conspiracy will be used as a pretext to silence many. The desire to take down one man may result in the success of a conspiracy to destroy any semblance of a true resistance.

The politically naïve are celebrating that powerful private telecommunication companies that have privatized & monetize speech decided people are too stupid to think for themselves & banned Alex Jones & Info wars. They don’t care about Jones. But they do care about the left. –

The ruling elite, with the lead being taken by the liberal authoritarians are conditioning public to accept censorship by going after dubious sites like Alex Jones. Don’t fall for it. Defend human right to information because ultimately the left is the real target. –

Even the New York Times who has been one of the leads using Russiagate to impose ideological conformity is starting to recognize the dangers of the giant tech companies unrestrained ability to limit or restrict speech – even when it is repugnant. –

Liberalism is ideologically bankrupt, that is clear. But it is being given extended life as a result of its penetration into what use to be called the left. Ocasio-Cortez calls out the GOP for being “weak on crime” & “national security.” She thinks this is being sophisticated. –

Facebook Now Targeting Left Wing Pages As Predicted

The establishment machine immediately spread the news loudly about the Infowars banning, in order to persuade the public that it makes no exceptions, and therefore, to highlight both the alt-right and the leftist independent media as ‘fake news’. Yet, the machine boosted Alex Jones’ popularity at the same time it has started a covert censorship operation against the leftist independent media, which are less known to the public.

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Facebook has, for the second time, censored TeleSUR English with no explanation.

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