As you enter 2020, start and maintain a budget sheet throughout the year (and beyond). It will give you more control and power over your finances.

by JebusJM

Hey all, this is my first time actually contributing to the sub. Usually I come here for advice but now I have some for you. At the end of 2018 I downloaded a budget template and logged all transactions throughout 2019 and I have never felt more in control of my finances. By keeping an indepth budget sheet I was able to pinpoint and realise where my money was going where it shouldn’t be and to where it should be going instead. Being able to track every cent I spent or earned was the best thing I did in 2019.

You don’t need to use the template I am, but I would recommend it:

 use this one instead:

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The biggest obstacle is to keep yourself motivated to continue filling it in as the year goes on. Keep your receipts to make it easier. If you share your finances with an SO or similar, keep each other motivated. At the end of the year you will find yourself in a much more powerful position when it comes to your finances. Logging all my expenses made me see how much money I wasted on junk food and the sorts.

If anyone has anything else to add please do so as I wont claim I have all the answers. I hope this post helps some of you 🙂

And lastly, Happy New Year everyone!



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