Ashamed of Being White in America

by Chris Black

If being white is a privilege, why does every group fight tooth and nail to try to escape being legally categorized as such?

This article examines trends going back to the 1960s.

When the government passed laws systematically discriminating against whites in every imaginable sector, Poles, Italians, Irish, etc. fought against being classified as whites.

Whites from Latin America, Spain and Portugal desperately cling to Hispanic and Latino, but courts are increasingly excluding whites from these categories now.

Old stock Anglo-whites claim to be Native Americans.

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Young white women are identifying as LGBT despite being heterosexuals.

Some reactionaries identify primarily as Catholic or Christian.

All attempts to escape American race laws, formal and informal.

If being white was anything other than a massive disadvantage in America, this would not be happening.

If you are being discriminated against because you are legally classified as white, you have no choice but to fight back against this as a white.


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