Ashen and Conflicted – Senator Schumer Discusses Private Meeting With AG Nominee William Barr…

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer met privately with AG nominee William Barr earlier today.  At the conclusion of the meeting Senator Schumer addresses the media.

Schumer appears conflicted and confused as to how to describe his own highly political desires with the answers he received from Mr. Barr.  It does not appear Schumer was pleased with his overall inability to leverage control over the nominee; and that comes out in the early part of his statement.  That’s a good sign.  Watch:


The issue of how Mr. Barr would produce a summary document about the completed Mueller investigation is an aspect that deserves some clarity and discussion.

The best way to think about the Mueller report is to think about the local police department (detective or DA) doing an investigation on a subject and completing that task.

At the conclusion of the inquiry, if there is no determination of criminal wrongdoing, the investigator does not outline the investigation in a report to the general public.

The basic premise behind this standard process is simple.  Everyone is innocent unless they can be proven to be guilty.

If everyone who was ever investigated had the internal investigative material made public it would be profoundly unfair to the target.  It would be even more unfair if the investigator was allowed to frame a public report, with their own internal biases and innuendo, in lieu of their ability to find criminal wrongdoing.

Now amplify that simple fairness issue x 1,000 and consider how severely political federal investigators might produce such a document against their opposition.  It is easy to see how such a report can be weaponized for political benefit.  The weaponization and benefit is the goal of the current Democrat leadership.

However, specifically to address these issues, and in an attempt to remove the political weaponization possible within the special counsel statute, the DOJ framed the ending of a special counsel investigation such that a summary of investigative finding is delivered to the U.S. Attorney General, who then puts out a public statement (of sorts) describing the conclusion (the finding).

Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats do not want William Barr to be able to write a summary, a public statement, based on the report delivered to him by Robert Mueller.

Instead, the Democrats want the report from Mueller, including all the investigative trails that were exhausted, so they can exploit aspects of the inquiry that were not able to be proven, and weaponize “innuendo” and “possibility” for political benefit.

Minority Leader Schumer is frustrated he cannot get Barr to accept that demand.

There is a slight parallel here to the position of those who are selling the honorable Rosenstein and Mueller origination angle.  This is where the “trust the plan” folks, align with the Epoch Times community of narrative engineers.

The Epoch Times engineering position, writ large, is that DAG Rod Rosenstein was seeking to protect President Trump when he appointed Robert Mueller.  It is into this engineering community where all the leaked congressional transcripts are being deposited.

In their Epoch collective opinion, after James Comey was fired, the highly corrupt Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was about to launch a retaliatory counter-attack against the President using a new focus for the ongoing counterintelligence investigation.  Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein saw what McCabe was about to launch and removed his ability to do it by appointing Robert Mueller as special counsel to take over the originating investigation.

According to this viewpoint, Rosenstein saved President Trump from the wrath of McCabe by appointing Mueller (May, 2017).

Following that perspective…. Seeing the overt weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz was then guided to begin targeting inquiry toward Andrew McCabe and the “small group” more aggressively (June through November 2017).  This led to the December 2017 revelations behind the activities of the small group (James Comey, Jim Rybicki, Andrew McCabe, Jim Baker, Michael Kortan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr etc.)

The parallel here is that William Barr’s current position, perspective and intent with the Mueller report; if you follow the ‘trust-the-plan’ crew;  is similar to the position, perspective and intent held by DAG Rod Rosenstein when he cut McCabe off at the knees.  [McCabe, Baker, Kortan and Strzok obviously fired; and Page quit.]

However, what this “honorable Rosenstein” view fails to reconcile is the predicate, the essential false underpinning of the entire Mueller probe.  Also, the ridiculous aspect of Russian indictments that Rosenstein knows are entirely manufactured for political optical value only.  [See: the Concord fiasco and the Russian woman posting memes.]

If Rosenstein was aware what the corrupt crew of DOJ and FBI officials were doing, he damned sure didn’t do anything about it, quite the opposite.  If he was aware of how corrupt FBI officials were targeting their political opposition… why did Rosenstein direct all attention away from that truth?  Why permit the DOJ and FBI to redact text messages between Page and Strzok when there was/is no legal basis to redact the text messages between Page and Strzok (merely one example).

I can find no action by FBI Director Chris Wray (Rosenstein selection), Deputy Director David Bowdich or Legal Counsel Dana Boente, that has addressed the internal corruption identified throughout their institution.  Quoting the IG Report:

Instead of exposing the issues, what we can clearly see is an effort to avoid discussing and exposing that corruption at all costs.


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