Ashmore, Blackrock, and UBS are the biggest holders of Evergrande…

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If Evergrande defaults on the bonds…that’s a shit load of GME … they already miss the off shore bond interest payment yesterday…which likely includes money owed blackrock…if they can’t even pay the interest, there is no =way they can pay back the principle on the bond when it comes due next year…and the dominos falls…

See also  Walmart's biggest drop in history was a year ago this week when they warned the consumer is imploding. That warning was ignored.

this is just my ramen addicted brain thinks, my guess if Blackrock smart, to make up for those losses on those bonds and to make their US investors whole they might cause the MOASS to occur by recalling all lent shares from hedgies..

not financial or ramen advise..


h/t  PracticalStranger317

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