At Germany’s largest amusement park, unvaccinated visitors must wear a white wristband so they can be easily identified. Luckily, under pressure from guests, this practice has been abolished.

Germany’s biggest theme Park, the Europa-Park in Rust, split its visitors in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

Giant swirl of a new Corona-rule in the Europa-Park in Rust!

Germany’s largest amusement Park (5.8 million visitors) shared among its visitors in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated. Since Monday, bracelets in different colors were distributed to the visitors – and-white for Vaccinated and Convalescent, colored, if guests “have only made” a quick test and, therefore, are not fully vaccinated.

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Thus, each visitors was the vaccination Status of the other at the wrist to read. An absolute engagement in the privacy of visitors….



h/t  Ochsenpisse


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