ATF to reclassify Semi-Autos as Machine Guns

It turns out the proposed language for the ATF bumpfire stock ban is all encompassing to include the potential for semi auto to be added to the NFA.
MAC w/ guest speaker Rick Vasquez (former ATF agent) on the topics of ATF ruling change for Jan 25th

Rick Vasquez, former ATF agent who worked on the original definition, is speaking with Tim from Military Arms Channel, and his people, on the ATF and their advanced notice for the proposed rule making on bump fire stocks.
Rick says to write comments that are meaningful and important so they aren’t discarded (he says it is important to comment).
Rick says they are looking to define bump stocks as machine guns as “any device that resets a semi-automatic trigger based on its recoil” or something along those lines.
The fear is that definition is so vague and broad that could cause problems for us in the future.
In other words, everything people like me and others warned could happen back when Congress was looking at this may be happening.
For clarification, by “cause problems” I mean we could face a federal version of what happened in Massachusetts where they “reinterpret” the law on assault weapons to ban things not originally covered under the law. In other words, a unfriendly ATF, in the future, under this ruling, could essentially render most-to-all semi-autos as machine guns.
The serious implications for this rule change can not be expressed enough. Please take a couple seconds and a few clicks to support our rights. Follow link below:
h/t FBHO