AT&T new Facebook scam

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by HistrionicSlut

I got a call from “att”, they left a message saying someone had committed fraud on my account and to call them back. I called the number (already suspicious) and it said welcome to att and had the proper hold music. I got in touch with a guy that gave me a name and employee number. I knew it was wrong when he “confirmed” the name on the account, he used my name on Facebook (that I have set to completely private, well as private as it goes it seems), and my Facebook name is a nickname I’ve never used for business before. I confirmed the information because I wanted to see where the call went.

He instantly threw out there was a fraud against my account for two iPhones for $2400 and that he needed my passcode to verify my account. When I said I was told to never say my passcode to someone, he said because of the virus they have restructured their rules. He pressured me for about 10 minutes while I wasted his time acting dumb. Finally I said I’d give him the info if he answered one question and I asked him how he could live with himself knowing he’s hurting people.

He hung up on me. And I called the number back and it switched to voicemail haha. I left him a scathing voicemail and am now waiting on the real att fraud dept to get back to me.

TLDR: DO NOT accept calls from people claiming to be att, It is not att.



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