Attentional Bias on the Robinhood Platform Causes Herding by “Naive” Investors That Hedge Funds can Short.

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Herding by ‘Naive’ Robinhood Traders May Be Good Signal to Short

“Users of the millennial-friendly app — the first to offer commission-free trading — are more likely to chase popular stocks with extreme performance. The result is herding that ultimately becomes a drag on those companies’ returns, according to the latest academic research into retail investing.

When Robinhood users pile into a stock in large numbers, the average excess return on the day surges to 14%. But this is followed by a reversal of nearly 5% over the subsequent month, a new paper found.

The thinking is that in seeking to make investing easier, the platform’s slimmed-down interface could be resulting in concentrated trading in the most “attention grabbing” shares. That increases the chance of herding which can lead to big market reversals.”



h/t  risk_parity


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