Attorney General Barr: What Happened to Trump is One of Greatest Travesties in US History

Wow! AG Barr: “What happened to POTUS was one of the greatest travesties in American history, no basis for this investigation, what’s even more concerning is what happened after the campaign, a whole pattern of events… to sabotage the presidency”

THANK GOODNESS FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE TRUMP ANTIVIRUS POLICIES! Fauci Says U.S. Virus Deaths May Be 60,000, Half of Projections. “Fatalities of as many as 200,000 Americans had been estimated.” Actually, at one point they were talking 2.5 million. That means Trump will have saved literally millions of lives through his approach to the pandemic.

The campaign ads write themselves!

QUESTION ASKED BY VDH: Is the bad and self-negating behavior of so many of Trump’s enemies setting him up for an even more impressive victory in the fall?

Nobody should be cocky during the current ongoing chaos.





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