Australia in Lockdown BUT….the PM gets travel exemption granted for Father’s Day dash to Sydney on VIP taxpayer funded jet. Rules for thee even during a dystopian lockdown.

Scott Morrison secured a travel exemption to return to Sydney for Father’s Day over the weekend despite prohibitions that require anyone visiting Sydney to isolate on return to Canberra for 14 days.

The Prime Minister’s office has confirmed Mr Morrison flew on a taxpayer-funded VIP flight to Sydney on Friday afternoon and that he returned on Monday morning. understands he was planning to relocate to Sydney for the foreseeable future after seven weeks away from his family in Canberra.

However, those plans changed when he had to return to Canberra briefly for a meeting of the national security committee of cabinet that could not be conducted remotely for security reasons.

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As a result, he flew to Sydney for Father’s Day and then returned to Canberra.

The ACT’s Covid-19 lockdown, which began on August 12, has been extended several times and is now scheduled to end on September 17.


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