Australia is Already Running Out of Test Kits

Australia is facing a critical shortage of test kits and health authorities are urging people to avoid “panic testing”.

The Australian Medical Association yesterday warned that the horse has bolted. The country has one of the highest testing rates in the world, per capita.

Put simply, we’re running out of test kits – as well as other medical equipment like masks…

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Flu season officially starts in a couple of weeks. Winter is fast approaching (70 days away).

Temperatures usually plummet quite significantly across most of the heavily populated parts of the country by mid April.

In Australia, influenza on average causes 3,500 deaths,4 about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year.

So practically anyone who gets the cold or flu over the coming months will be freaking out thinking that they could have the coronavirus. How can they possibly test millions of people in such a small time frame? (3 months) There will never be enough test kits for starters, Hospitals and GP’s wont be able to keep up especially considering many of the staff will become infected as well.

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