Australia is not okay – Please help us

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by -viceversa-

I’m sure you’ve all seen whats going on here and its out of control. I don’t know what to do.

We have a controlled media that is censoring anything anti-lockdown, the narrative is still that we are “all in this together” however no mention of mental health which is on the rise, lifeline has had more calls than ever before.

A bill has been passed that allows the AFP to access edit and delete social media accounts with the enforcement of up to 10 years jail time if they don’t comply. So they can take over and manipulate posts and continue to own the social account, without a warrant.

Lawyers are having their licenses taken off them for representing class action lawsuits against the lockdowns.

Police are currently charging protestors with bail conditions that don’t allow them to continue to protest because if they do they will be outside of their 5km lockdown limit, this is then going against the health ministers advice which is a jailable offence.

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Why aren’t other countries saying anything, why is no one else helping? I feel like we are being forgotten by the rest of the world and that no one is condemning these actions. Or if they are we haven’t seen them or herd of them.

We need help. This can’t go on and I feel like the links in the chain are getting shorter and shorter as time goes on. We can’t uprise because we have no guns. We can’t speak out because we get taken down. We cant go anywhere because we are locked down to 5km (3.1 miles) from our homes.

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Please help.



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