Australian Muslim Man Who Mowed Down 18 People With Vehicle Suffered from Mental Issues

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by Chris Black

To no one’s surprise, the Australian Muslim man who used his vehicle to mow down eighteen people in Melbourne Australia had no link to terrorism, according to officials. Instead, he was allegedly suffering from mental issues, other than Islam that is. This is the new politically correct and hugely convenient excuse used by Western authorities almost every time an Islamic terrorist attack takes place. Why are they doing that? The answer is simple: to ignore reality and let the sheeple graze peacefully until the next terrorist attack.
Saying that a man pertaining to a very backwards and violent ideology has mental issues allows authorities to brush aside any possible link to Islam, i.e. the citizens are not allowed to make the connection between the perp’s belief system and the terrorist attack. Why? Well, because, open borders, multiculturalism is cool, diversity is our strength and all cultures are equal, that’s why.
We all know that crazy Aussies,  Germans, Brits etc have been using their cars for ramming crowds of Christmas shoppers for decades. What’s happening now in the multicultural West is completely normal and nothing new, so don’t be a racist (by the way, Islam is not a race, but an ideology pretending to be just a religion) and forget about other explanations, alright?
If you’re not familiar with what happened, a Muslim man living in Australia, a 32 year immigrant from Afghanistan, intentionally drove his car into a crowd of Christmas shoppers. The car was reportedly traveling at approximately sixty miles per hour as it was ploughed into the crowd on Melbourne’s  Flinders Street station, injuring dozens of people, including children and toddlers, who were flung in the air after the impact with the vehicle. The “mentally unstable” Afghan was arrested by Aussie police after a scuffle. There was a second arrest at the scene, of a man filming the entire extravaganza, who incidentally had a bag full of knives, yet he allegedly had no connection to the “incident” (a terrorist attack by any definition, but not in Australia).
In a matter of hours, Aussie officials stated that the attack was not terror connected (how did they know so quickly?) and that the driver was just your garden variety looney tunes, not a jihadist. As  Paul Joseph Watson put it:
Ramming a vehicle into 19 people is a totally normal response to being a drug user and being a bit sad, especially if you’re from Afghanistan. Anyone who questions this explanation is an Islamophobic bigot

That’s interesting. Whenever there is gun violence or a mass shooting, we would like to see some investigation or hear some talk regarding the mental health of the individual or the use of SSRI’s, but the media always claims it’s the fault of the gun. But seemingly when it’s a Muslim doing something terrible, suddenly it’s mental illness. Perhaps we should ask for “car control”. That’s the logic of the leftists anyways.

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15 thoughts on “Australian Muslim Man Who Mowed Down 18 People With Vehicle Suffered from Mental Issues

  1. this will not stop until all whites are genocided. yellow cowardly whites will do nothing when the only way to stop this is to kill those in the govts of the whole western world. the big mouth yellow gun owners in the US should send their guns to the Palestinians who have tons of courage and will fight to the death for their freedom

    • There’s no need to kill all politicians: it’s far easier (and cheaper) to make them look incompetent.
      For example, they spent hundreds of millions of dollars that they claim is to ‘keep us safe’: if the systems supposedly designed to ‘keep us safe’ are shown to be expensive wastes of money (because they don’t work), that’s a cause of a loss of public confidence and a little bit more cynicism about politicians’ motives.
      As I said above: interesting that this event happened the same day that Australia was kneeling in front of the US, sucking its dick (again) in yet another UNGA vote on Palestine. Australia always abstains: it’s nearest Western neighbour (New Zealand) always votes to support the Palestinians (in fact NZ was one of the sponsors of the UNGA vote to re-declare that settlements illegal)… and NZ has never had a terrrrrrrrist attack (except the one by the French government – the Rainbow Warrior bombing).
      Also, NZ has a significantly more humanitarian asylum-seeker policy. If the victims of Australia’s Afghan and Iraqi adventures seek asylum in Australia, they are shipped to offshore concentration camps; if they make it to New Zealand, NZ treats them with some dignity and assesses their cases impartially.

      • I dunno, bullets are pretty cheap, and they’re pretty easy to operate. I gotta go with the other guy on this one. Kill em’ all, and solve the problem once and for all.

    • Listen to Kratoklastes, he’s right, just discredit the government.
      The governments are attempting to foment a war. Civil war, war with Russia, something, so this corrupt system can finally be collapsed, and they can lay the blame on anybody else besides themselves and walk away without their heads ending up on pikes.
      The governments have no problem murdering people, so if civil war starts, they’ll just kill a good deal of people and blame all the bloodshed on “internal terrorists”. It’ll take them 5 minutes. The “media” will report this as fact over and over and over again. The sheep will accept it in time.
      Just keep feeding them more rope. The goal is a USSR style collapse. That was relatively peaceful. People like you are foolish, you have no idea what a civil war is like. Marshall law will simply be declared and they will claim they need to “temporarily” install a dictatorship.

  2. As to the stupid photo-meme: the more appropriate response by the
    Japanese politician would be “Simple – we don’t join the US
    when it goes around the world killing brown children
    many incidents like this have there been in New Zealand? ZERO –
    although it’s a country with a nearly-identical culture to Australia.
    key difference (apart from NZ outright superiority at Rugby): NZ’s
    politicians have not sucked the US’s dick every time the US has decided
    to kill some more brown babies. (Also, NZ votes in support of Palestine
    at the UN – as it did yesterday. Australia didn’t swallow for the US,
    but it abstained).
    There is an obvious reason why governments need to try to make their tax livestock think that these events are not ‘terrrrrism’ (which is another name for ‘asymmetric warfare’): governments understand that their security agencies are shitful at countering 4G (insurgent/guerilla) tactics, yet the Australian government has been vastly increasing the money it spends on the ‘national security’ boondoggle.
    If the livestock started to believe that this event was deliberately designed to cause systems-disruption, and it succeeded… well, they might start to wonder why all that money is being spent so ineffectively.
    The livestock would also start to avoid system chokepoints: city centres would be empty of foot traffic, and the impact on retail would be significant.
    The optimal strategy for a ‘terrrrrrist’ organisation is to disrupt
    internet, electricity distribution, water purification, logistical and
    public transport networks.
    So that’s what we in the West have got to look
    forward to, if we live in countries where the government is sucking the
    US’s dick. Governments across the West have been
    systematically ‘fragilising’ key networks (e.g., forcing electricity generation towards unreliable wind and solar – thus making the network more vulnerable to load disruptions), so the ‘bad guys’ will get huge
    value for money.
    There’s no need for ‘big ticket’ items (like 9/11), and much can be achieved with minimised
    non-combatant casualties… but we’re going to face constant disruptions to key networks
    that are essential to modern western daily life. Similar to what the IRA
    tried to do when it finally decided to make its operations congruent
    with its objectives (in other words, the IRA finally ‘got its shit in one sock’… and five years later, Good Friday happened and Ireland was taking its first concrete steps towards freedom from the British yoke).
    I am betting that this event happened at the second- (or third-) busiest pedestrian intersection in Melbourne, rather than at the outright busiest, because doing it where it happened drew emergency services assets from both sides of the river. It was a perfect way to assess minimum response times, force strength, whether or not paramilitary assets were deployed, and so forth.
    I haven’t looked at foot-traffic statistics recently, but last time I looked the outright busiest intersection was the intersection of Collins and Elizabeth Streets; the second-busiest was the intersection of Bourke and Swanston. Doing things there would give a murkier picture of minimum response times, because assets on the other side of the river would have to negotiate 4 blocks’ worth of traffic.

    • You seem to be preoccupied with an oral act. Be that as it may, Shiite vs. Sunni violence happens all over the Muslim world without US prompts. Eventually, based on Muslim world history, interpretations of the teachings of Mohammed, and Muslim population expansion and voting, New Zealand will begin having run ins with unhappy Muslims whether they blow up each others’ mosques or run vehicles through crowd to make a point of their discontent. Good luck though in putting off the inevitable for as long as you can figure out new ways to appease your growing Muslim population. My guess is that this Afghan refugee actually had mental problems. Maybe mentally ill Muslims are just more likely to be violent to others instead of just shooting themselves like old white guys with mental problems.

      • Yawn – what have we here, and amateur psychologist?
        I used the ‘fellatio metaphor’ because it’s a very useful one – with its implication of self-abasement to someone who is more powerful than the person administering it… and of course the secondary mental image that most guys would never perform the act except under duress.
        That’s why “blow me” is such an excellent retort – it indicates disdain. You’ll note that when women use it as a retort to men with whom they violently disagree, it is meant to have a secondary ‘sting’ because it’s explicitly emasculating.
        In other words, the Australian political class is the US’s prison bitch – just as they were when they followed the US into Viet Nam, and just as they were the UK’s prison bitch for a half-century after Federation.
        Being a blowjob-giving prison bitch is degrading, and Australian politicians line up to degrade themselves before any slightly-more-powerful nation: that was the point.
        Also, you’ve swallowed the whole “Islam says that all infidels are to be killed” trope, it seems: in a world of almost-free access to information you have no excuse to remain that ignorant. (Ideally you would not make declarative sciolistic statements when you’re entirely ignorant of what you’re talking about, but working against that is the whole “Dunning-Kruger” issue where the incompetent overestiamte their competence)
        As I’ve said hundreds of times: I’m an atheist, so I don’t even bother to try to rank-order the stupidity of different expressions of the desire for there to be a “Happily Ever After”: only retarded children believe in any form of that hogwash. But I’ve read all the canonical literature for Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and Islam’s is the least appalling, by an absolute mile.
        The reason some (ill-educated, poor, benighted) Muslim men decide to undertake asymmetric warfare against soft targets in the West, is because they are righteously indignant about how their co-religionists have been treated since the death throes of the British Empire (and up to this very day). They see an opportunity to deliver a pinprick of payback, knowing they will probably die while doing so. It’s crazy, but it’s easy to see their motivation.
        It must annoy them in the extreme to hear Western politicians bray about how the victims (of 9/11, or 7/7, or Madrid, or the Bali bombing, etc) were ‘innocent’ and how death came for them for no reason… while those same politicians have literally no empathy for the hundreds – thousands – of brown “Other” people who die after a missile tears into their village out of a clear morning sky.
        Imagine a world in which there had not been a Western boot on the neck of the Arab world for a century: where a huge chunk of the Arab world had not been handed to an alien, hostile Eastern European culture, and other regions of the Arab world did not have tyrants installed and propped up by the West.
        Then you and I would perhaps be on the same page concerning the ‘atrocity’ of the actions of a staggeringly small, theologically illiterate, group of Muslim men.

  3. The reason this isn’t called terrorism is that terrorism is using terror to try to bring about a political change.
    You’re not allowed to know what political change is being pushed for, and if a bunch of you sheep have to be killed so your criminal government can continue doing stuff you wouldn’t even agree with if you knew what it was doing, so be it.
    That’s what your ruling class thinks of you. Expendable. So you remain in the dark, even if this killer gets to walk free. They don’t care about you. You’re to be exploited.

  4. Islam is a mental illness
    judeo-christian is an oxymoron …… judeo-ISLAMIC would be accurate
    Jews and Arabs are Semites. The old expression ‘scratch a jew and you get an arab’ is true
    SUNNIsemite, JEWISHsemite, SHIITTEsemite, they are kissing cousins.
    Sharia law is copied from Halacha law.
    Halal is copied from Kosher in slaughtering of animals in kosher and halal, Though the slaughtering is the same, Jews, who follow kosher, do not pronounce the name of God on each animal they slaughter.
    “As for Christianity, there is a dispute among Halachic authorities, but the vast majority consider it idolatry as well. Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
    Read that last bit again, slowly, so the christianzionists can keep up: “Islam, on the other hand, is not considered idolatry.”
    Islam is Judaism for DUMMIES.
    Islam is Judaism LITE.
    Muhammed lived among/with Jews and just rewrote/reworded their beliefs.
    Muhammmed is a pedophile? read this:
    Orthodox islamists & Orthodox Jews ……. same beliefs.
    BOTH follow Tribal WAR gods ….. Who BRAGS that they are behind this Invasion. NOTE how they call the muslums their ALLIES & BROTHERS
    Doubt me??? here:

  5. Selective rationalisation.
    Not once, in over seventy years have the globalist Zionist Jews who monopolize America’s mass media and culture ever ‘compassionately’ and apologetically made mental health excuses for the actions and behavior of NAZIs. It seems this is reserved only for when white western Christians are being systematically murdered.

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