Australian Muslim Man Who Mowed Down 18 People With Vehicle Suffered from Mental Issues

by Chris Black

To no one’s surprise, the Australian Muslim man who used his vehicle to mow down eighteen people in Melbourne Australia had no link to terrorism, according to officials. Instead, he was allegedly suffering from mental issues, other than Islam that is. This is the new politically correct and hugely convenient excuse used by Western authorities almost every time an Islamic terrorist attack takes place. Why are they doing that? The answer is simple: to ignore reality and let the sheeple graze peacefully until the next terrorist attack.
Saying that a man pertaining to a very backwards and violent ideology has mental issues allows authorities to brush aside any possible link to Islam, i.e. the citizens are not allowed to make the connection between the perp’s belief system and the terrorist attack. Why? Well, because, open borders, multiculturalism is cool, diversity is our strength and all cultures are equal, that’s why.
We all know that crazy Aussies,  Germans, Brits etc have been using their cars for ramming crowds of Christmas shoppers for decades. What’s happening now in the multicultural West is completely normal and nothing new, so don’t be a racist (by the way, Islam is not a race, but an ideology pretending to be just a religion) and forget about other explanations, alright?
If you’re not familiar with what happened, a Muslim man living in Australia, a 32 year immigrant from Afghanistan, intentionally drove his car into a crowd of Christmas shoppers. The car was reportedly traveling at approximately sixty miles per hour as it was ploughed into the crowd on Melbourne’s  Flinders Street station, injuring dozens of people, including children and toddlers, who were flung in the air after the impact with the vehicle. The “mentally unstable” Afghan was arrested by Aussie police after a scuffle. There was a second arrest at the scene, of a man filming the entire extravaganza, who incidentally had a bag full of knives, yet he allegedly had no connection to the “incident” (a terrorist attack by any definition, but not in Australia).
In a matter of hours, Aussie officials stated that the attack was not terror connected (how did they know so quickly?) and that the driver was just your garden variety looney tunes, not a jihadist. As  Paul Joseph Watson put it:
Ramming a vehicle into 19 people is a totally normal response to being a drug user and being a bit sad, especially if you’re from Afghanistan. Anyone who questions this explanation is an Islamophobic bigot

That’s interesting. Whenever there is gun violence or a mass shooting, we would like to see some investigation or hear some talk regarding the mental health of the individual or the use of SSRI’s, but the media always claims it’s the fault of the gun. But seemingly when it’s a Muslim doing something terrible, suddenly it’s mental illness. Perhaps we should ask for “car control”. That’s the logic of the leftists anyways.