Australian woman gets 6 months jail for crossing the State border against covid rules. NZ wants internment for people refusing tests..

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An Australian woman has been sentenced to six months in prison after sneaking across Western Australia’s state border. Asher Vander Sanden, 28, was a Perth resident returning home after one month in Victoria. The court heard she had been granted an exemption to fly into Western Australia but had been advised she would need to be quarantined in a hotel for two weeks at her own expense.

10 days after returning home… She was put in to custody for 2 weeks quarantine. (This is already clearly not about a virus) Then sentenced to 6 months on prison… For going home.

New Zealand’s Minister of Health orders all positive tested people and possibly close relatives, to be placed in mandatory quarantine facilities.. If you refuse to get tested, you stay in there for as long as you refuse the testing..





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