Australia’s toilet paper production runs 24 hours

“Australia’s largest toilet paper manufacturer is moving into 24-hour production as major supermarket chains ramp up supplies of long-life pantry items over growing fears of a coronavirus-induced supply shortage.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a rare call to the chief executives of Woolworths and Coles on Tuesday, after community anxiety fuelled reports of panic-buying across the country.

“Coles and Woolworths said they had briefed both federal and state governments and had begun stockpiling toilet paper, tissues and Panadol and long-life pantry products. Neither supermarket currently has plans to implement buying restrictions for in-demand products.

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“Kimberly-Clark, which manufactures Kleenex toilet paper in Australia, said it had production lines running 24 hours a day at its South Australian factory to address the increased, short-term demand.”…546hm.html