Axios Deletes Tweet Spreading Disinformation That Border Patrol Agents Were ‘Whipping At Haitian Migrants’

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American News Sep 27, 2021 4:33 AM
EST “We deleted a previous tweet that referred to Border Patrol agents as whipping at Haitian migrants. The story has been updated to include comments from some journalists on the border who did not see whipping occur,” Axios said in a Twitter statement on Sunday. Track all your assets in one place—Traditional & Crypto with
Axios issued a correction on Sunday which indicated that they deleted a viral tweet that spread massive disinformation last week, which falsely claimed that border patrol agents were “whipping at Haitian migrants” on the US Southern border. The disinformation from Axios and other outlets citing the original claim, resulted in the Biden administration harshly condemning border patrol agents and the Department of Homeland …

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