Azov Begs to be Allowed to Flee to an Unspecified Third Nation

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by Chris Black

The American, exceptional, way of doing things is to carpet bomb from 20,000 feet for weeks on end.

If Russia was guilty of war crimes, then there would be nothing stopping them from sending a few missiles into the industrial plant and taking out most of the Azovs hiding there with human shields.

The fact that this hasn’t happened is enough to question the West’s entire narrative of the Russian campaign.

In comparison to most military campaigns, this one has been fought with kid gloves. American forces didn’t hesitate to firebomb Dresden, multiple times killing thousands of civilians. One of the biggest atrocities of WWII.

They keep saying that there are civilians in Azovstal.

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Why would civilians voluntarily enter the bowels of an industrial complex where there is no food or water with a band of besieged neo-Nazis instead of leaving through the Russian aid corridors like everyone else?

The only possible reason there would be civilians in the Azovstal tunnels is if Azov dragged them down there.

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