Babies have a 1/83 chance of a SEVERE ADVERSE EVENT From Moderna jab

Moderna trials 6-23 mth olds
•49% adverse reactions
•Severe 1/83
•Serious 1/1200
•Medically attended 27%

2-5yr olds
•40% had an Adverse Reaction
•21.8% medically attended

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“In the participants randomized to mRNA-1273, there were no deaths, cases of MIS-C, or myocarditis/pericarditis observed in any age group; within 28 days of vaccination, no related SAEs were observed in children or adolescents; 1 related SAE of fever/seizure was reported in the 6 to 23 month age group.”

Note that it is only a 28 day study and also note they are specifically looking for myocarditis, which means they are well aware myocardiits is a side effect.

h/t Happy in Nature


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