Backlash over Boris’s vaccine passport plan: 41 Tories join Lib Dem and Labour MPs vowing to vote against the idea

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Boris Johnson faces the biggest challenge of his premiership to date if he tries to ram through controversial plans for vaccine passports that have incensed MPs of all parties.

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The Prime Minister is on a collision course with 72 backbenchers who have signed a pledge railing against the ‘divisive and discriminatory’ certification scheme.

Forty-one Tory MPs – enough to wipe out the Government’s majority – have joined forces with 22 Labour MPs and 10 Lib Dems to oppose the measures on grounds it infringes civil liberties.

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It means a future crunch Commons vote likely hinges on Sir Keir Starmer, who this week said vaccine passports went against the ‘British instinct’ but refused to commit to whipping his MPs either way.


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