Bad News For Joe Biden…

ABC News quickly reported bad news for Joe Biden, including results from a recent poll indicating Biden’s positive polls have tanked.

Since early May, ABC reports that optimism about America’s direction has declined by 19%.

ABC News calls the poll “really striking”…

Could it be the open borders, the inflation, the rise in crime? Biden’s mental state?

Biden’s bungled eviction moratorium decision tests Democratic unity ahead of key infrastructure votes

The White House has rankled liberal Democrats at a time when President Joe Biden needs their approval to pass his $1.2 trillion bipartisan brick-and-mortar infrastructure package.

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The White House’s last-minute decision to delegate the latest extension of the federal eviction moratorium to lawmakers has enraged the likes of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and provoked Missouri Rep. Cori Bush to stage a sleep-in protest on Capitol Hill. And Biden requires their votes if the House is to clear his Senate-drafted infrastructure bill.

The national eviction moratorium drama is “a self-imposed problem,” according to former Democratic Party activist-turned-Colby College politics professor Sandy Maisel. And it was a move that has exacerbated the Left’s frustrations with Biden, whose party controls a three-seat majority in the House. It has also exposed renters who have relied on the moratorium for shelter since September after the program lapsed last weekend.

How bad are things for Joe Biden? So bad that even The New York Times is getting restless.

“Democrats scramble to save the federal eviction freeze as frustration with Biden mounts,” declared a Friday headline. The article said Biden waited until Thursday to ask Congress to act by Saturday, when …


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