Bad Sign? Russian families told soldiers could be away from home for 9 months + Paratrooper Invasion Drills Kostroma.

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Servicemen’s families expect them to be involved in a protracted war
after being told they could be away from home for nine months.

ALARMING new evidence emerged today of a huge build-up of troops and military hardware on Ukraine’s northern border – within striking distance of the capital Kiev.

Forces are now in Belarus less than 20 miles from Ukraine’s frontier, after a surge in troop and equipment movements in recent days from Russia’s far east.

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New videos show invasion drills by paratroopers ahead of hastily arranged joint “exercises” with Putin ally Belarus.

And trains carrying rocket launchers, armoured vehicles and communication trucks have been spotted near Belarus towns Gomel and Rechitsa, according to an analysis by DFRLab.

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Military police – essential in an invasion – are among the forces moved close to Ukraine, reported another study by Radio Liberty and the Conflict Intelligence Team.

Russia said today the drills are a response to a military build-up in Poland and Lithuania, which border Ukraine.

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