Bank Of Canada Interest Rate Could Hit 8% By Year End. Total Economic Collapse

The Bank Of Canada interest rate went up a full 100 basis points today. The BoC announced Canadians can expect further increases this year in an attempt to ease record inflation.

Speaking with a TD advisor (i’ve known this person for over 20 years) – they are being told customers will likely see a full bank prime rate of over 8% at all Canadian banks by the end of the year.

An 8% bank prime rate is unprecedented and will collapse the housing market. It will put millions of Canadians into risk of foreclosure.

No one. Absolutely no one.


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There is no doubt this is being done to purposely destroy the housing market and put Canadians in financial ruin.

8% is not a correction rate, a recession rate, or a depression rate. 8% is criminal.

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