Bank takes man’s car for defaulting on a loan he never took

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“Imagine. You’re enjoying your day, minding your own business, and then someone from the bank pops over and tells you that they’re seizing your car because you defaulted on a loan that you never actually took out. Welcome to Tage Kendall’s life.

“According to, Kendall was contacted by a repossession company this past June to let him know they were coming to take his 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI because he’d defaulted on a loan with the Royal Bank of Canada. Which seemed weird—Kendall claims not to have an account or a loan with the bank. He brushed off the warning. The car was fully paid for. He was the registered owner and had proof of purchase.

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“Well, they took it anyway.”

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File this one under the power the banks have over us. Maybe someone can find the one for me where they dragged a family from their beds on a Saturday morning before demolishing their home to make way for new construction. Later they found out that the family had been paying all along! It was a screw up!

I always pondered over why bank robbers were sentenced to such harsh sentences, while the real robbers in their office buildings in Manhattan vote lavish pay raises for themselves. The bank robber gets away with maybe a few thousand while the real robbers rob us of trillions and stick us with the bill. They get bailed out for being “too big to fail” but when you or I fall behind on our payments it’s pay up or else. We don’t even have to fall behind on our payments for them to come take our sh*t any way. They’ll take it even if you have been paying, just to f*#k with you.

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Somehow it reminds of this story, wherein the homeowner had to foreclose on a B of A branch office to get the money owed him after the bank wrongfully foreclosed on his home.…d=13775638



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