Bankruptcies SURGE as Debt Soars To RECORD HIGH! Bank of Canada Warns.

Canada is in the most debt ever in history. There has never been a time in which Canadians have accumulated this much mortgage, credit card, auto loans, personal line of credit, and every other form of debt ever. It’s the party that never stops. No need to worry because as long as real estate increases in value forever, our homes can remain our ATM. Uh oh…

Do you know someone who buys everything on some form of debt? Home equity loan? Credit card? What is the strategy here? Claiming bankruptcy or just a vicious circle?


Canadian bankruptcies surge as rising rates hit indebted consumers

As bankruptcies edge up, Poloz personally responds to Canadians’ concerns | CTV News

More people are going broke in Canada as interest rates rise – BNN Bloomberg

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Toronto, Vancouver Housing Sales Plummet to Decade-Lows in 2018 – Bloomberg

Scott Barlow on Twitter: “ML: ” Earnings revisions weakened across nearly all sectors (except Utilities); the sales forecast revision ratio also weakened”…

Canada among three economies in world most at risk of banking crisis, BIS warns | Financial Post

Canadian household debt hits $1.8-trillion as report warns of domestic risk – The Globe and Mail

Research: Announcement: Moody’s: Canadian banks face risk from rising consumer debt vulnerability – Moody’s–PR_380678

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