“Bankruptcy” search term rising slowly

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This is a different kind of f*cked up from previous f*cked up we have witnessed, not directly associated to extreme speculation, (people buying tech not knowing what it is, people buying multiple houses to flip them) and the house of cards collapsing. We were ‘on our way’ to that outcome, but the virus cut the last chapter out. We never got to ‘see’ the final speculative frenzy. (Perhaps it would have been ETFs).

So even looking at business failures (google trends etc.), it may end up different this time too – a gradual buildup of businesses throwing in the towel. Consumer habits are going to change for at least the next year due to Covid. “Re-opening” is a misnomer if there ever was one. Added to this, we are in an election year and the administration will literally do everything to ensure people are placated in run up to the polls. Stimulus checks through 2020. The band-aid will be removed slowly…


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