BBC Producer Admits Douma “Chemical Attack” Was Staged

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by axolotl_peyotl

via activistpost:

It’s almost a year after the bombing of al-Sha’aryat Airbase in Syria by the United States. Almost a year since the alleged “chemical weapons attack” on Douma, Syria which was blamed on the Syrian government and justified the subsequent American bombing. Now, after the resultant deaths of innocent people via America’s Tomahawk missile attack and the ridicule and blacklisting of alt media outlets who questioned and disproved the claims of the U.S. government regarding Douma, a BBC producer has admitted that the attack was staged.

Riam Dalati is a well-known BBC Syria producer who has been reporting from the region for a long time. Now, he has stated that, after a six-month investigation, he has concluded that the scene in the Douma Hospital was staged. Dalati made his statements on his Twitter account which has over 20,000 followers including many mainstream journalists.

“I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged,” he wrote.

The “Douma Hospital scene” to which Dalati is referring is the footage showing children in a Douma hospital being hosed off and treated by doctors and White Helmets. The civilians were allegedly victims of a chemical attack. That narrative was subsequently taken apart by journalists like Pearson Sharp and Eva Bartlett who traveled to the scene of the alleged attack and interviewed alleged “victims” who contradicted the stories coming out of Western mainstream media. Western governments and corporate media, however, still clung to the “Assad gassed his own people” narrative.

Dalati stated that “After 6 months of investigations, I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged. No fatalities occurred in the hospital.” He added that he had interviewed a number of White Helmets personnel and “opposition activists” during the course of his investigation.

He followed up by stating that “Russia and at least one NATO country knew about what happened in the hospital. Documents were sent. However, no one knew what really happened at the flats apart from activists manipulating the scene there. This is why Russia focused solely on discrediting the hospital scene.”


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The true motives of the genocidal military industrial complex and their lapdogs in the Mockingbird MSM were dramatically exposed last year in the aftermath of the staged “chemical attack” in Douma.

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When American Tomahawk missiles were raining down on a sovereign nation (yet again), it was one of the only times that the Media was united in unquestioning support for Donald Trump.

Their hypocrisy was exposed dramatically when this illegal and immoral military action was never even questioned…but naturally the MSM went back to manufactured anti-Trump divide and conquer nonsense the very next day.

Incredibly, many folks who have claimed to be traditionally anti-war have apparently taken a page straight from the military’s propaganda book, as the MSM conditioned folks to violently react to the prospect of bringing troops home from the disastrous wars abroad.

Incredibly, Trump is being used to create an entirely new generation of neo-liberal and neo-conservative war hawks.

Not surprisingly, one of the major raison d’etres for US presence in Syria is the alleged chemical attack that occurred last year.


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