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JOHN NOLTE: CNN’s Latest Anti-Cop Race Hoax Is a Doozy of Desperation.

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Here’s the opening paragraph:

The mass exodus of an entire police department after the hiring of a Black town manager in North Carolina has opened a conversation about public safety and race relations in a small town of just over 1,500 residents.

Then we get paragraph after paragraph of this…

Residents split on whether it’s a ‘race issue’

Brittney Hinnant, a Kenly resident, said she feels like the situation is a “race issue” given that Jones is Black, while the entire Kenly Police Department is White. Hinnant also said she doesn’t think the police department supports Black people and she feels they often harass Black residents.

But if you’re able to hang in there for 18 — 18! — paragraphs, CNNLOL drops this fairly important piece of context on you…

Others in the community say they believe there is not a racial component to the situation due to the fact the previous town manager was a Black man. [emphasis added]



Hundreds of words devoted to smearing an entire police force as racist, as so racist they would rather be unemployed than work for a black person… And only after 18 — 18! — paragraphs do these lying pigs come across with the truth: that these same people had no problem working under a black town manager before.

This is what happens to a far-left propaganda outlet when they feel it all slipping away, when it knows its ability to sway public opinion is vanishing: they get this desperate, this outrageous, this audacious in their lies.

This isn’t journalism. It’s not even propaganda anymore. It’s trolling, childish trolling committed by angry babies reduced to throwing things for attention…

Earlier: CNN President Chris Licht’s message to Republican lawmakers: We’re sorry. Please, come back.”

Licht and his boss, Warner Brothers Discovery chief David Zaslav, say they are committed to reshaping the image of CNN no matter the ratings. (CNN makes most of its revenue from cable subscription fees, not commercial advertising, anyway.)

Licht and his overlords have said for months that they’d pivot CNN away from partisan opinions and gain the reputation of a trusted news agency.

For that to happen, CNN must not neglect an entire half of the country, as it did under the leadership of Jeff Zucker.


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