Be Vigilant – Leftists attempting to infiltrate small towns to create chaos & uprisings

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I observed this last night, posted on another thread – the leftists are attempting to organize BLM protests in small communities.

I live in a small town here in New Hampshire with a population of about 5,000 people. Our little town has 1 gas station/convenience store and our primary industry is farming.

I’m on social media and am a member of our small town forum. We keep our focus centered on matters that relate primarily to our small town – school events, animal sightings, the weather, etc. The only hot topics that are ever really discussed are matters related to increases in our town budget, property tax hikes and more recently, spikes in Covid-19 (3 people in our town currently have it).

Some guy, a new member on our forum, comes on there and is wanting to know if our community would be interested in getting a BLM protest event coordinated – in our small town! Quite a few group members pointed out to him that this not the forum for this sort of organizing and event planning – that we keep our topics strictly focused on matters relating to our town. Anything relating to political issues are not welcome on the forum. So he gets riled up, and gets other members of the forum riled up too and says BLM is not a political issue and concerns every American and every American community has to get involved.

So get this, when you click on his profile, it clearly states that he lives in Manchester NH. Someone on the forum called him out on it and told him to join the BLM protests going on in his town of Manchester instead of coming to our tiny town located far from any big city. The guy then lies and says he recently moved to our small town and hasn’t updated his profile. I looked him up and it shows he still lives in Manchester. When I cross referenced his address and name on the NH voter database, surprise, surprise, he’s a registered Democrat.

One of the moderators of the group pointed out that these BLM organizers are busing people in from other cities and our small town does not welcome this sort of drama and uprising. We do not want our farms looted and burned to the ground.

This infiltrator managed to poach some liberals in our group forum and create another page for those in our community interested in creating a BLM movement in our small town.

I felt it important to get this information out there – these leftist, globalist, Marxists are now trying to infiltrate small towns to create uprisings and chaos.

Has anyone else experienced this on social media?



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