Be Willing to Pay Up for Quality Gold Stocks in This Bull Market Says Adrian Day

from Mining Stock Education

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management is a seasoned investor, speaker, author, and adviser. In this interview, Adrian shares concerning gold stocks that “the risk in a bull market is tilted towards missing out rather than overpaying.” Thus, gold investors need to be willing to pay up for quality gold stocks. He provides commentary on Evrim Resources’ proposed merger with Renaissance Gold and why he views this positively. Adrian also discusses several current issues occurring within the gold mining sector.

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0:00 Introduction

1:29 Evrim Resources and Renaissance Gold’s proposed merger

6:58 Frequent obstacle to mergers

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8:36 Mining executives that are involved in too many companies

11:47 Chinese state-backed miners buying western gold projects

14:09 Near-term or new producers to be bought out soon?

16:45 Be Willing to Pay up for Quality Gold Stocks in This Bull Market

20:00 Hedging your gold equities at all?

22:00 Any major gold producers hedging now?

24:01 Feedback from Adrian’s clients


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