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via @OccupyWisdom :

1/ Excessive debt, particularly in corporates ~70% of GDP. Raising rates vs. earnings

2/ Global banking/financial houses signaling crisis/instability now

– German banking index, Italian banks, US financials down 2x broader market

– Banks/Financials leading down

3/ Divided domestic government, desire by some to see @POTUS fail by way of the economy

4/ Liquidations with increased volume. Lots of selling into rallies

5/ The necessity for interventions when market down -6% (YOY) signal much deeper systemic problems

6/ Manipulations

and interventions are not long lasting

7/ Margin debt still high despite Q3 liquidations

8/ Massive 2-3 rallies are indicative of bear markets

9/ Yield/Fed Funds curve inversions

10/ Poor earnings/forward guidance from companies that lead market in 2017

11/ High yield bonds

12/ Obvious global economic slowdown

13/ Increasing possibility of US recession, sentiment

14/ Delays in China/US trade resolution

15/ Deluge of bad economic news not reported – once the Federal Government reopens




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