Become Ungovernable — Hillsdale, Michigan: Health agency shuts down public meeting after public won’t follow COVID rules

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COLDWATER, Mich. — The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency Board of Health meeting was adjourned abruptly Thursday morning after some of the people in attendance refused to submit to COVID screedings and wear face shields.

The agency’s attorney “advised that we provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities who have a medical exemption and cannot wear a face mask, which is what our agency policy is, to allow them to attend the open meeting today. So, the medical director and I conferred on reasonable accommodations and put them in place,” Health Officer Rebecca Burns said.

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Those accommodations included wearing a face shield, a temperature check and staying socially distanced while in the building.

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“When presented with the accommodations that we have put in place for individuals that cannot wear a face mask and have a medical exemption, those accommodations were refused, and those individuals made their way back into the meeting room,” she said.


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