Berkeley Burns Again With Political Violence

by Robert Carbery

Berkeley erupted in politically-charged violence again on Saturday, April 15th. Berkeley police say 20 were arrested, but those supposed to protect and serve were largely absent from keeping the peace last weekend.
Bloody brawls broke out after supporters of President Trump showed up to rally while the ironically fascist-fighting group, Antifa, showed up with weapons and in all black covering their faces. This group is obsessed with violently attacking anyone who dares to even show up to one of these events in support of our duly elected president.
Berkeley’s new police chief and mayor have proven once again how partisan many in the beautiful State of California have become. Like when San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo allowed Trump supporters at a rally during the campaign to be beaten down in the streets, Berkeley’s Mayor Jesse Arreguin, elected in the same election as Donald Trump, seems to care little for the safety of its citizens, especially those wearing Make America Great Again hats.
This horrendous response, yet again by our men and women in uniform, only encourages further scenes of chaos like we witnessed last weekend. “Doing nothing empowers the miscreants,” said Charles “Sid” Heal, a retired commander of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “The first and fundamental reason government exists is for protection. When government fails, the people take the matter in their own hands.”
Several people wearing MAGA hats were singled out and hit hard by the masked Antifa cowards, who love to snatch these red hats and stomp on them. Meanwhile, a Trump supporter was kicked while on the ground, finally getting up with a bloody face.
Berkeley will remain a sanctuary city for Trump supporters to get beaten up for their political beliefs. And now, the Trump crowd is fighting back. The next battle is due to take place on April 27 when The Berkeley College Republicans are hosting provocative conservative columnist Ann Coulter for a talk on immigration. The Antifa will surely show up before that and set something on fire.
Conservatives be warned. If you go to a Trump rally or any other event where your political beliefs are shown to be in opposition to the soon-to-be-designated-terror-group, Antifa, then expect to be attacked. The anti-Trump protesters showed up with bear mace and other makeshift weapons and the pro-Trump supporters fought back with what they did have.
The Antifa and the leftists in America are fighting an imaginary movement. There is no fascist trend taking root in the United States, but everyone needs an enemy, so some create one on their own. Sure, the KKK is still a thing and there are Nazis in our midst, yet these are far from a significant group that make up the Trump coalition.
There are radicals on both sides and in Berkeley, no one looked in the right.
The Antifa hilariously claim to be antifascists and they are anything but liberal. Resorting immediately to political violence, these idiots just want any excuse to beat on someone they think is a Nazi.
Unfortunately, the media picks and chooses which stories to be outraged over. Another sign of the increasing polarization by not only our politicians and voters, but the mainstream media as well. There are radicals on both sides so let’s try to be objective about how horrible this all is.
One woman, an anti-Trump protester, who just before the rally posted on social media how she was going to get some Nazi scalps, was punched hard in the face by a known white supremacist. As horrifying as this is, the media outrage over this act is a thousand times louder than when Richard Spencer, an alt-right nationalist, was sucker punched in the street recently. Or when an innocent woman was smacked in the face by a man while she was waiting to hear Milo Yiannopoulos speak.
Berkeley’s got to get it together or someone is going to die in one of these fracases.

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  1. Trump supporters should take guns to these parties and use them. Kill a few thousand of these demons and the rest will get their minds right.


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