Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) with strong results in Q2

by skuggic

Strong results from Berkshire Hathaway last quarter:

They increased operating earnings by 67% as all of their business segments grew year-over-year, although part of this was caused by Q2 last year being particularly bad due to underwriting losses from hurricanes.

They are now sitting on a massive war chest of 111 billion in cash. Some of this may be put to use soon via stock buybacks as they recently loosened their rules to give Buffett and Munger more freedom to choose when to do buybacks.

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Press release: Quarterly report:


The criticisms I hear are:

-They’re sitting on a massive pile of cash and have no known plans for it

-Buffet is resistant to tech investments because he doesn’t understand them

-Gib dividend plz


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