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Many international brokers are expanding their business by introducing different tools. EverFX is one such international online trading broker that is operating successfully and is, in fact, really popular. For the football fans reading this, EverFX also has a partnership with the Spanish football club Sevilla FC that gave the football fans many promotions. We are writing this blog to help you know more about EverFX before you go for EverFX login. Here are some of the things you should consider before doing so:

EverFX regulations and Security

EverFX brokerage house is working under two licenses: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulated with license no. 1444866 and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulated it with licensed number 301/16 and registration number HE 346662. Why EverFX went for both these licenses is to acquire leverage upgrade and tradeable instruments. EverFX has won the award of ‘fastest growing CFD Broker and Best New Multi-asset Broker’ in 2018. This says enough about the security of EverFX.

Account Types

EverFX offers three account types to its users. Starting from the most popular we have Premium, Standard, and VIP accounts. The accounts differ in rebate options, rebate rates, execution type, minimum deposit amount, maximum leverage, min trade size, max trade size, decimal price, and some other factors. Depending upon your affordability and your needs, you can choose any one type of account. Stop outs differ for each type of account that is 20% for standard accounts, 30% for premium, and 60% for VIP.

Trading Courses

Opening an account with EverFX gives you access to trading courses. These courses can help you know everything there is to know about trading starting from very basic stuff. You can sign up for any course according to your market knowledge. These courses are a great way to start even if you are an amateur. By the time you are done with these courses, you’ll be knowing all the nits and grits of trading.


EverFX is embedded with AuthoChartist that assists with the automated technical analysis which enchants the whole trading experience. Using this tool, the traders can easily define the base parameters of current trends. It combines all the instruments of technical and fundamental analysis that can help while trading. It even offers a risk calculator that will evaluate the recommended volume to open your position. The opening position is based on the funds you’re willing to risk. Trading with EverFX is made easier with the contribution of AuthoChartist.

Zulu Trading

EverFX has also partnered with Zulu Trading to allow social trading. This gives the traders access to master trades that were made by experts and all the amateur traders have to do is copy them. This partnership has made trading easier for everyone as it lets them choose the traders from 192+ countries to duplicate their trades from. You can also share strategies and tips at this platform and can also benefit from the tips and strategies shared by other users. Zulu trading collaborates with EverFX to automate trades. Mirroring the trades is made easier with EverFX.

When it comes to leverage and multi-asset brokerage house, EverFX can be your first choice.


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