Beware Other Ally Bank Users

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by justslightlyeducated

Recently my bank card was somehow comprised and charged a penny in Oregon. I’m in central California. During the compromise I recieved 1 legitimate phone call from ally asking me to confirm that I didnt make the charge and that my card would be disabled and to call back to get a new card issued.

I forgot to call back quickly since I was at work when it happened. Late that evening maybe 8:30 or 9pm I got a call from Ally Bank under the Caller ID I set up. Asked me about the compromise and needed to confirm the charges were mine and if they were that they would be charged to my account. The woman on the phone worded it strangely and I had her repeat it to me several times. She also said we are on a secure line and that the call is being recorded about 5 times in the first minute of the phone call which I thought was strange. She then began to throw out numerous large dollar amount charges at major retailers that had been declined. This got my heart beating hard. She continued to say over and over that this is a secured line and is being recorded. After saying none of that was mine asked me to confirm my identity with my online banking username. That’s when it clicked for me. Never had ally used my online banking ID to confirm identity. She insisted it was a new update to their systems. I refused to give it out and said I would call back to Ally myself. She told me that’s unnecessary and that again this is a secured and recorded line and she already has all my information in front of her. Told me to look at the caller ID and how it is the official ally number. The way she insisted me not to end the call really made it clear this was a scam call. She kept trying to call me maybe 5+ times while I was waiting to get someone at ally on the phone.

I worked as a western union agent and was trained to not fall for phone scams and such but they really almost got me. I was really not ready to receive a disguised scam number through my cell from my bank. Just wanted to share my experience for others.

Thanks for reading.

TLDR: I’m trained to not fall for scam calls due to my work. Got a scam call looking like my bank and almost gave away my sensitive info. I’m also 23 not an elderly person.


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