Beware the leftists push for a “Health Curricula” in state run schools!

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New trend in statewide “health” curricula

There is a very disturbing new trend in statewide “health” curricula for public school students, especially in relatively conservative states like Nebraska.

Under the banner of “health,” the left-wing bureaucrats deceptively weave in a range of odious topics. These include comprehensive sexuality and birth control, normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism (“gender identity), “Diversity and Inclusion,” and “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL).

“Diversity and Inclusion” is a deceptive term for Critical Race Theory (as well as LGBT issues). “Social Emotional Learning” is less well-known but extremely intrusive and ominous. (See here and here.) Starting in Kindergarten and continuing through all the grades, SEL seeks to mold children’s thinking processes and values away from how parents might teach them into politically correct and non-individualistic approaches to everyday life situations.

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