Biden Admin may infuse IMF with $650 billion ‘for Ukraine’, already spent 1st 5yr afg war, now zelensky wants $9B a month

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Democrats in Congress and their globalist billionaire backers are lobbying the Biden Administration to deploy hundreds of billions of dollars into the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The initiative is being advertised to “save Ukraine” and impoverished nations, but it acts as an instrument to further centralize monetary power.

In a letter this week that was signed by almost 50 democrat members of Congress, the politicians pressed the Biden Administration to infuse the IMF with $650 billion worth of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), bringing the international institution an enormous amount of capital to increase its lending and borrowing capacity.

Last year, citing the economic pain caused by their own COVID policies, Congress passed a bill resulting in the IMF approving a $650 billion SDR package. Now, it is being rebranded to “help Ukraine.” According to the letter, Biden can approve an additional $650 billion in liquidity without any new legislation from Congress. With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden can instruct the Treasury to send $650 billion into a black hole.

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The legislators describe the proposed money creation as “a simple, rapid, and cost-free way to enable Ukraine, its neighboring allies, and developing countries to respond to, and build back better from, these combined international crises.”

Yes, they labeled it cost-free.

Leaders have spent more on Ukraine than first 5 years of Afghan war.
What are the priorities in Washington DC? 10% to the Big Guy? Advancing the Military-Industrial Complex? Hiding Hunter Biden’s misdeeds? Filling coffers of corrupt Ukrainian officials? All of the above?

What’s NOT a priority for most in DC, whether Democrat or Republican, is helping the struggling American people or preventing a recession that seems to be just around the corner. Instead, they’ve sent more taxpayer dollars to “aid” Ukraine against Russian than we spent on the first FIVE YEARS of the war in Afghanistan. According to Fox News:

The Biden administration and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have pledged to counter Russia’s war in Ukraine and the threat it poses to European security, and the funds so far committed to Kyiv already exceed U.S. costs for the first five years in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration on Friday announced another $400 million military drawdown package to Ukraine as it attempts to fend off Russian advances.

The latest package was reportedly tailored in coordination with Ukrainian officials for what they specifically need on the front lines and comes just days after Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed victory over the eastern Luhansk region.

and this

Credit Crisis: Zelensky government demands another $9billion a month ‘to survive,’ almost doubling previous request

tell me why we have inflation again and gave fertilizer and milkpowder and fertilizer to Mexico again and they brag about doubling fuel near Cali border and are paying 3.12 a gal??????

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