BIDEN: Involved In $50 Million Bribe

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Former Ukrainian Prosecutor: Where’s The Rest Of The $44 Million Bribe Joe?

During a press conference this morning, where more audio tapes were released of former Vice President Joe Biden colluding with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to use American security services to destroy corruption witness Aleksander Onyshchenko, former Ukrainian Prosecutor Konstantine Kulik declared the full amount of the recently-discovered bribe to end investigations into Burisma and Hunter Biden was actually $50 million, not $6 million as recently reported.

Kulik openly wondered during the press conference where the rest of the money was, mentioning American Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, reported Ukrainian news outlet

The initial amount of the bribe was not 6 million. The size of the bribe was 50 million US dollars,” the ex-prosecutor said, showing relevant documents.

The representatives of Burisma have already delegated this Andrei Kichu to negotiations with prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in 2019. I have in my hands a report from the prosecutor from my group investigating the Burisma case. As follows from the report, Burisma and the Deputy Prosecutor General Enin tried to influence the closure of the case,“ Kulik emphasized.



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