BIDEN is about to be charged in UKRAINE

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Some excerpts from the article:

“Bearing in mind the fact that a possible suspect in all three of these criminal offences could be Joseph Biden, as a person who, in our opinion, is involved in these events, we deem it necessary to merge all the cases into one, in order to ensure an effective investigation and set up a competent investigative group, as well as a group of experienced prosecutors who can ensure the investigation within a reasonable period of time,”

“Judging by remarks Biden allowed himself to make in public, Viktor Mykolayovych Shokin has sufficient grounds to believe that it was him [Biden] who masterminded and, to a certain extent, perpetrated those criminal offences to which Shokin alerted the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine,” he said.

“The results of this investigation are not yet available today. We don’t have sufficient grounds to assert…file motions and requests with the law enforcement agencies of Greece before they establish the objective truth in all circumstances… Possibly, they will appear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” he said.

It actually says that they rolled three indictments into one in the article.

It’s also interesting to not that the case would have come in sooner had the prosecutor not been poisoned using mercury.


Biden is done:

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