Biden Panicking over low approval ratings. Extends time of News conference to 1.5 hours and offers to do pushups!

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This guy is unbelievably bad.

He still blames Trump, The American people, Putin, everyone but himself for his lack of success.

The guy who has held very short press conferences with no questions allowed, suddenly tries to extend press conference, saying he can stand up longer and would anyone like him to do some pushups.

Yeah, because that is why people hate him… push ups.

They ask him about his low poll numbers. Oh those polls are fake news. “We need to clamp down on fake news like I am unpopular.


President Biden, nearly an hour-and-a-half into his news conference, paused amid a battery of shouted questions, raised his arms and shouted, “Whoa, whoa! Hang on, guys!”

He didn’t seem to want to leave. He asked reporters if they wanted to go another hour or two. He said he had at least 20 more minutes, blew past that time, and kept working the room.

“I can still stand. It’s amazing,” he said in jest after nearly two hours, also offering to do push-ups.

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