Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Confronted for Considering Domestic Travel Restrictions While Having Open Border

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REPORTER: “There are several reports of migrants crossing the border and several local Texas health officials have expressed concerns that there are migrants coming over the border who are not — who have not been tested by the — by the authorities.”

PSAKI: “Well, let me reiterate what I — what I’ve done in here, and I know different people are in here different days, so I’m certainly happy to do it again. You know, first, the majority of people who come to the border are turned away and we are enforcing our laws at the border, but we are also doing it or attempting to do it in a humane way. And so this is not, again, the time to come. We have — of course, I would refer you to DHS and CBP who can outline more specifics, but when long-term holding solutions are impossible due to Covid-19 capacity limitations or other reasons, some migrants are processed for removal, provided a notice to appear and wait within the U.S to await an immigration hearing. These have been incredibly narrow and limited circumstances in which they’ve happened recently, and I’d certainly defer you — send you to the Department of Homeland Security for more specifics and numbers and data which they’re just more equipped to provide.”


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