Biden Regime in Chaos: WH Postpones Meeting with Israeli PM, Delays Press Briefing and Cancels Meeting with Governors After Twin Blasts Rock Kabu

The Biden White House is in chaos after twin blasts rocked Kabul airport on Thursday.

There were two explosions reported outside the Kabul Airport on Thursday.

The bombings took place near the Baron Hotel where the US and UK used as a meeting place for stranded citizens on their way out of the country.

FOUR US soldiers are dead and at least 3 US troops are wounded, a US official said.

The number of casualties is unknown.

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Joe Biden’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet was postponed indefinitely after the explosions in Kabul.

The White House Press briefing on Thursday was delayed with no new time given.

Joe Biden’s 3 PM meeting with governors on Afghanistan was also canceled after the twin blasts.

The White House said Joe Biden has been briefed on the blasts (in between naps) and continues to be briefed after meeting with his national security team this morning.


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