Biden Regime Is Shooting Cows From Helicopters In New Mexico

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The Biden regime will let a Chinese spy balloon traverse across the continental U.S. for a full week but does not hesitate to gun down helpless animals.

A judge last Wednesday gave the U.S. Forest Service a green light to gun down approximately 150 “unauthorized” cattle from helicopters over a rugged forest in southwestern New Mexico known as the Gila Wilderness.

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The judge argued he did “not see a legal prohibition on the operation” and “it would be contrary to the public interest to stop the operation from proceeding.”

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Officials closed a large swath of the forest Monday and began the cow slaughter on Thursday. The killing will continue thru Sunday.

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Ranchers had sought a delay, pointing out that the culling violated federal regulations and amounted to animal cruelty. They also say the federal government is not telling the truth about the cattle in question.


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