Biden Rushes To Prioritize Left-Wing Retirement Accounts

Because he has done so little, or, more accurately, so little that has gone right, Joe Biden is still spending time talking about the American Rescue Plan. This legislation from March 2021 keeps making it into Biden’s speeches and his Twitter account more than a year and a quarter after its passage.

No, he hasn’t been talking about how the ARP’s $1.9 trillion in spending helped stoke the historic inflation we are seeing (he still seems to be surprised that something called “stimulus” checks stimulated the economy).

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He also isn’t mentioning how the American Rescue Plan lowered the 1099-K reporting requirements that went into effect January 1, targeting not mega-corporations but hobbyists, side-giggers, and small online sellers. It reduced IRS reporting triggers from sites like eBay, Etsy, and Venmo from a threshold of more than $20,000 in gross payments in a given year to a mere $600. Of course, he and his administration will tell you it was to go after all the billionaires … with $600 worth of income activity.


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