BIDEN: ‘The Ohio Pennsylvania, The Ohio Pennsylvania, From Pennsylvania, The Uh, The Uh, Illinois President Of The Don Harmon…’

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(National File) Democrat President Joe Biden made some powerful remarks about the state of the country during an appearance at Elk Grove Village, Illinois on Thursday, stammering his way through an unintelligible recitation of names of both U.S. states and figureheads.

“And the Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, from Pennsylvania, the uh, the uh, Illinois president of the Don Harmon, state senator Lauren Murphy, state rep um, uh, Martin M-m-m-m-m-oyland, and uh, we got a great [unintelligible] here too,” Biden said. “Tim, where’s Tim? There you are, thank you. Thank you pal. AFL-CIO state President. And Jeff Isaacson, united brotherhood of carpenters [unintelligible], and Don fen IBW and uh, and Robert rider, reader, Reiter, r-e-i-t-e-r, re-reiter Chicago Federation of Labor, and folks uh, that’s how we beat COVID-19.”

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