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by Jim Quinn

All of the charts below are from this morning. Those percentage changes are for today versus yesterday. I know the MSM and Biden want you focused on Putin, but you are about to be kicked in the balls when going to the grocery store, filling your tank, and heating your home. What has happened since the US/NATO provoked conflict in the Ukraine, is on top of the already 7.5% inflation (really 15%) we were struggling with.

By we, I mean the lower and middle class. The oligarchs and uber-rich don’t give a flying fuck about inflation. They even have their puppet Powell continue to keep interest rates at zero and printing billions per day to keep their bank accounts growing. The last time inflation was this high, Volcker raised rates to 20%.

Looking at these charts, knowing the Fed is doing nothing, should convince you we are approaching the end-game. When oil prices skyrocketed in 2008 and food prices rose, the global economy seized up, revolutions broke out in the Middle East (starvation makes people ornery), and global stock markets crashed. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return. Are you ready?

Oil hasn’t been this high since 2014 and is up 350% from the 2020 low and 100% from pre-Covid levels. Think about Joe the next time you fill-up.

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Natural gas is up 200% from the 2020 lows and 100% from pre-Covid levels. Time to turn that thermostat down.

Heating oil is up 350% from the 2020 lows and 90% from pre-Covid levels. I’m sure all the rural folks in the country are appreciating that now.

Copper prices are up 100% from the 2020 lows and 65% from pre-Covid levels. Lucky for the government they no longer put copper in their pennies. I wonder if all these new homes use copper pipes.

Wheat prices are now up 150% from the 2020 lows and 170% from pre-Covid levels. It sure is lucky the food in our grocery stores doesn’t use much wheat. You may need a credit line increase for your next trip to Piggly Wiggly.

Corn prices are up 170% from the 2020 lows and 100% from pre-Covid levels. Stock up on corn-pops and popcorn fast. Doesn’t our ethanol fuel use some corn?

Soybean costs are up 100% from the 2020 lows and the pre-Covid levels. You might not realize how many products include soybeans, but you will soon.

Live cattle prices are up 65% from the 2020 lows and 20% from pre-Covid levels. Buy those steaks now, because cattle feed might be going slightly higher.

This is the guy to thank, with an honorable mention to Powell and the Congress parasites who passed the trillions in spending bills. This can not be sustained, so it will not. The only question is whether it ends in a hyper-inflationary depression or a deflationary depression when everything implodes as global war breaks out. Enjoying this Fourth Turning yet?

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