Biden’s Border Crisis About to Hit New Low

The border crisis Joe Biden and his administration created is about to hit a new low, as the “mother of all caravans” moves towards the U.S.

Throughout their nearly ten months in office, Biden administration officials have repeatedly denied that the situation at the border is a crisis. Some optimists may even take heart in the fact that border crossings were actually down in September for only the second time in 17 months but that is a misleading statistic. Immigration experts have exposed this by showing that encounters with border crossers are down because more border agents are being pulled off the line to deal with the crush of migrants in other areas, which results in a spike of “gotaways,” or those who enter the U.S. and are not apprehended.

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Right now, a massive migrant caravan is moving through Central America and preparing to come to the U.S. One of the leaders of the caravan is openly threatening the U.S., declaring that the migrants are “ready for war” if their demands are not met. The Biden administration has responded to this threat by ignoring it, and their allies in the corporate media are doing the same…


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